Expanding the possibilities
of loan origination and servicing

Originating and servicing student loans can be a very complex business. And when you’re faced with constant challenges such as integrating new compliance requirements, developing new loan programs or even customizing your current programs, it can be very costly and time consuming due to the outdated technology and software currently available in the market.

This is why we developed HELIUM - a state‐of‐the‐art solution capable of originating private student, parent and refinance loans as well as servicing both federal FFELP and private education loans. Built with the latest Microsoft technology, HELIUM’s modern coding structure and architectural framework provides clients with a rich-UI, web‐based user experience while delivering increased productivity and efficiency, faster turn-around for system updates/development, easy connection to ancillary products and greater control and flexibility of system controls to be successful in the student loan industry.

Licensing and Full-Service Options

HELIUM can be licensed by clients to manage their loan origination and/or servicing portfolios. If a client is not interested in licensing the system, they can select our full-service model in which we act as the third-party originator and/or servicer on behalf of the client.

Licensing Details

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HELIUM can be hosted in the cloud or on-site.

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The system can be implemented as a single application for clients only interested in offering either origination or servicing or as a combined 360-solution with both the origination and servicing platforms.

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Managed Services

Offering Managed Services to help you succeed: training, platform support, technical helpdesk, customer care, bug tracking and repair, improvement/change requests and much more.

A Closer Look at HELIUM

At its core, HELIUM offers exceptional loan origination and servicing capabilities with industry-leading features that can help improve the functionality and performance of your business.

Origination Features

Multiple Loan Types

The system can originate multiple loan types including student, parent and refinance loans and adheres to all required FCRA requirements.

Certification and Disbursement Processing

Programmed to accept CLV4 input/output files for certification and disbursement processing. The system also has its own portal for schools to process certifications if they do not partner with one of the main certification agents.

Online Application Customization

With HELIUM, you can customize the process flow of your online loan applications. You can also control branding of your online loan application at the lender/loan type level including logos, naming structure and colors.

Credit Decisioning

Capable of supporting credit decision input from your preferred credit report vendor as well as the option to waterfall to different credit reporting agencies.

Workflow Queues

Supports customized workflow queues for efficient processing and improved productivity.

Communication Controls

Customize tracking profiles for automated communication and follow-ups based on application status.

Servicing Highlights

System Back-ups

Database backups can be taken while HELIUM is up and running – essentially eliminating any interference with the work of your users.

Auto Backdating

HELIUM can automatically adjust a borrower’s account if backdated adjustments are made due to receipt of a deferment, forbearance, incentive or enrollment change notification.

Reversal & Reapplication

Reverse and reapply past payments and the system will automatically recalculate the principal and interest on all subsequent payments by utilizing the complete monetary history of the account.

Loan Level Settings

Easily customize your loan program by applying different deferment, forbearance and incentive settings at the loan level.

Standard Reports

HELIUM comes equipped with a broad collection of standard reports that can be downloaded in multiple files formats including excel, csv, pdf and word.


System integrated due diligence and skip trace queues allow users to easily process work. Custom queues can also be created by users to track and manage workflows.

Are You Ready to see HELIUM in Action?

If you’re interested in learning more about HELIUM and how it can revolutionize your business, contact us today to request a demo!